HD or not HD – That is the question

There are many mysteries in the world, the great pyramids of Giza, Stone henge, the Bermuda triangle, but the greatest mystery of them all has to be why do women chose to watch channels in standard definition when HD is available?

“What you watching?”

“Coronation street”

“You’re watching the normal channel, why aren’t you watching it in HD?”

“There’s no difference”

“Yes there is, it’s sharper and the sounds better”

“No there’s not, shh I’m watching it”

“Let me turn it over to HD”

“Don’t turn it over, i’m in the middle of watching it”

“It’ll only take a second, let me put it on in HD”

“But you’re not watching it, I am”

“Yes, but just knowing, just knowing it’s in standard definition, It fucks with my mind, i can’t deal with it, watch it in HD”

“Shh, I’m missing it”

“I’m turning it over to HD”

“Fuck off, don’t turn it over”

“I’m turning it over”

“Don’t turn it over”

“Dont, see, you can’t even find the HD channel, put it back, shit husband”

“Yes i can, it’s only seven pages down the menu”


“There it is see, HD”

“Turn it down, it’s loud”

“That’s because it’s HD”

“See I don’t know what’s going on now”

“You’ve missed like 17 seconds, and look, it looks awesome now, it’s HD”

“But I don’t know whats going on”

“You’ve missed 17 seconds of coronation street and you don’t know what’s going on?”


“Well you can figure it out, in HD”

“Oh just leave it, I’ll watch it on +1 later, I’ve missed too much”

“But you can’t get +1 on HD, just watch this”

“No, I’ll watch it later”

‘But it won’t be in HD”

“Doesn’t matter, there’s no difference.

“yes there is……”

Continue until death…

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